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We focus on small groups and customized training

Welcome to french kiss divers !
Sail rock trip

French kiss Divers, diving school on Koh Tao located in the middle of sairee village offers training from intro dive till dive instructor. We teach diving courses on Koh Tao in english, french, spanish, german and focus on small group and customized training. Created by Wilfried HERVE, SSI and CMAS instructor trainer, French Kiss divers provides safe and quality diving training in a fun environment in Koh tao. We offer early departure for our fun divers to be first on the dive sites on Koh Tao, weekly sail rock trip, 3 days – 2 nights safari to Ang Thong national park, and a whole bunch of other activities for the non-divers like flying trapeze, climbing, free diving and all that koh tao can offer. We also propose you to immortalize your adventure underwater in Koh tao while diving with us with our professional photographer and videographer.  So don’t hesitate, come and join us for an unforgettable moment living and diving on Koh Tao.

Go with the flow, become an SSI instructor!!

xover stu

PADI, CMAS, NAUI, NDL and all other agency instructors, you want to raise your chances to find a job in Thailand and around the world, do a crossover to become an SSI instructor, the fastest growing diving organization in the world, 40% growth last year. Our Instructor Trainer, Wilfried HERVE, will be happy to take you along on a 2-3 days course, where he’ll teach you about the SSI philosophy and history, but also will make sure that you’re ready to teach all the courses you’re rated for by the end of the xover, with sample presentations and under-water workshop. With eight years of traveling , working abroad and a background as an IT engineer, Wilfried will try to give you the best understanding of the diving industry and its business, and he will give you a lot of tips about marketing, self developing, selling and job finding! The SSI instructor xover course starts at 25000 baht, with special prices for groups, intership possible, upgrades to Speciatity, Advanced and DCSI instructor also available . MORE INFO HERE

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Surf For The First Time Underwater, with Deep Surf

Logo webDiscover a new activity on Koh Tao, for everybody who is 10 y/o or more , surfing underwater or “DEEP SURF”. Our two Friends Beltran and Sebas offer this fun activity on koh tao for only 600 baht, you can book with us and if you want more information , i invite you to check their facebook page.. Live a unique experience and surf underwater with DEEP SURF. MORE INFO ABOUT DEEP SURF...


CMAS Training Center on Koh Tao


ClubFrance-FFESSM-KOHTAOSince May 2013, French Kiss Divers became affiliated with CMAS/TDA, offering courses from the longest existing diving agency created in the fifties by Jacques Cousteau. CMAS is providing high level diving courses, with a level one very accessible, you’ll be pushing yourself more and learning a lot about you and the diving techniques, equipment and environment through the level 2 and 3. French Kiss Divers, is also affiliated with the Club France sections of the french diving association the FFESSM/CMAS, and offer full french FFESSM training up to level 3.
Diving School, Diving, Koh Tao, Francais, English, Diving Courses, best school, CMAS, PADI, SSI, FFESSM

SSI Center and Free Online Training

Scuba Schools International grew out of the passion of a few avid divers who were intent on making it possible for anyone to learn how to scuba dive.

Since more than 40 years SSI provides training, scuba diving certification, and educational resources for divers, dive instructors, and dive centers and resorts around the world. Started in 1970, SSI has expanded to include more than 30 Service Centers, is represented in more than 110 countries with over 2.400 International locations and has materials printed in more than 25 languages.

SSI offers free online training for resort dive, open water course and snorkeling. Make the most of your holiday time, learn at your own pace and get a better understanding about what is waiting for you when you’ll learn how to dive! Always more safety, flexibility and fun with Scuba School International! STARTS NOW

Diving School, Diving, Koh Tao, Francais, English, Diving Courses, best school, CMAS, PADI, SSI, FFESSM

Sail rock trip twice a week

Come and join us to Sail Rock, the best dive of the Gulf of Thailand. We are going there twice a week and we are the only one to do it so often on the island. Sail is very diverse in biodiversity, and we have been able to spot a lot of bull shark recently and it became the main attraction there. There is also a chimney that you can take to go down to 18 meters deep. A lot of barracudas, bat fish, jacks, angel fish, giant murray eel, whale sharks, beautiful coral formation, and so much is waiting for you in Sail Rock. The trip is 2700 baht, including 2 dives, breakfast, lunch and refreshment on the boat!! So come and join the fun and the thrill of diving with sharks!
Diving School, Diving, Koh Tao, Francais, English, Diving Courses, best school, CMAS, PADI, SSI, FFESSM


French Kiss divers, is very flexible in term of accommodation.

Located in the middle of sairee village, and with its diving base (boat departure and equipement set up) in Chalok Baan Khao, French Kiss Divers offers picks up from Sairee Beach (north), Mae Haad (middle west where ferries arrive) and Chalok Baan Khao ( FKD dive boat departure). That way people can stay almost wherever they want on Koh Tao but the remote location, and French Kiss Divers will be able to pick you up.

There are many different styles of accommodation on Koh Tao from backpacker dormitory to luxury resort.

So basically contact us before you book your hotel online ( ref , ) and we will let you know from where we can pick you up staying at this location.

For diving courses on Koh Tao, we also have partnerships with some resorts in sairee beach and chalok baan khao and we offer packages with accommodation included for Open Water, Advanced and Rescue Courses. Note that those accommodations are clean, with double or twin beds, private shower, and fan. If you travel with somebody (partner or friend) who is not doing a course this person will be able to stay with you at no extra charge.

From July 2013 will be offering special packages in brand new AC dormitories with see view in Chalok Baan Khao.

In Sairee Beach :

Wandee Guest House
PnJ Guest House
Kanokwan Guesthouse

In Chalok Baan Khao bay :

Big Fish resort
Tropicana Resort
Sunshine Resort
Carabao Resort
JP Resort

Diving School, Diving, Koh Tao, Francais, English, Diving Courses, best school, CMAS, PADI, SSI, FFESSM