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At French Kiss Divers, we share the expression “Early Birds, catch the worm”, but more like early divers, get the action first!

Indeed we are living early to be the firsts on dive site, we are working with two boats so we can go and explore all the best dive sites on koh tao and accommodate our divers so they don’t go always to the same dive sites.

We are also offering 2 trips weekly to sail rock and we are the only one to do it on koh tao with New Way divers.

All our guides are certified Divemaster or Instructor, and with have a policy of 4 divers per guide max. We do groups level, based of certification level but also experience, to make sure everybody has the best time.



Level required : Open Water
Depth : 15-40 meters
Situation : North West
On site Trip : 45 Minutes

50 minutes of navigation are necessary to rich this dive site witch is one of the deepest dive site : more than 30 meters. If you are lucky enough you will see the famous Whale Shark.The rock is covert entirely by anemonies. It’s possible to see school of Barracudas, Queen Fish and Trevally, Batfish, Giant groopers, Lion Fish and murays.


Level Required : Open Water
Depth : 10-40 meters
Situation : South West
On site Trip : 40 Minutes

A bit closer, at  40 minutes by boat. Like Chumphon Pinnacle, this dive site is full of anemonies. The top of the rock is around 5 meters and the bottom is around 30 meters. The dive site is full of underwater marine life. School of barracudas, Groupers, Stingray and whale Shark if you are lucky.


Level required : Open Water
Depth : 5-20 meters
Situation : South of Koh Tao
On Site Trip : 40 Minutes

This small island’s name is because it looks like a shark fin. This uninhabited island make this under water place full of marine life. Corals are growing everywhere. We can see some shy Black Tip Reef Sharks, Cobias, Queen Fish, Barracudas, Jenkins whipray and bluespotted stingray, Hawksbill Turtles, Trigger Fish, Butterfly Fish, Perrot Fish, etc…


Level Required : Open Water
Depth : 10-20 meters
Situation : West Coast
On site Trip : 15 Minutes

White Rock est un site de plongée très populaire situé à quelques minutes de bateau à l’ouest de Koh tao. Le site combine de beaux jardins de corail avec 2 grandes formations rocheuses composées d’énormes rochers. “White Rock” est le nom du plus grand rocher sur le site, s’élevant à près de 2 mètres sous la surface de l’eau. Le site se situe entre 2 mètres et 16 mètres de profondeur.

White Rock est un site adapté à tout niveau de plongée. Par ailleurs, il dispose d’une faune sous-marine riche et variée. Entre autre, vous devriez pouvoir observer : tortues, grands mérous curieux,  Grands Barracudas, raie pastenague mais aussi des diodons, etc…


Level required : Open Water
Depth : 10-30 meters
Situation : North West Nangyuan
On site Trip : 20 Minutes

A Dive site who offer many swim through. We can see a nice Trigger Pit, and in the swim through, many skylights.It’s beautyfull in the morning.
We can see Titan & Yellow Margin TriggerFish, nudibranch, Sea snake, Blue spotted stingray, Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish, etc…


Level required : Open Water
Depth : 5-20 meters
Situation : West Nangyuan
On Site Trip : 20 Minutes

Situated on the West part of Koh Nangyuan, Twins is one of the most popular dive site on Koh Tao. From the surface we can see two different groups of rocks who looks similar. That’s why we call it Twins. Maximum 18 meters deep. We can see Tortles, clown Fish, Bluespotted stingrays, White eyed Murray eel, Titan trigger Fish, small Barracudas, etc…


Level Required : Advanced
Depth : 30 meters
Situation : West Coast
On Site Trip : 15 Minutes

HTMS Sattakut 742 is a US Navy Ship built on the 23rd of february 1943. In 1945 it was a part of the famous battle of Iwo Jima.
The 18th of June 2011 , it has sank by the Thaï marine on Koh tao. Today it lay down around 30 meters deep more or less.
On this Wreck, we can go with or Advanced Divers minimum. This place is a good place to do you Deep Adventure after your Open water certification. It will allow you to dive at 30 meters.We can see Tutrles, queen Fish, Barracudas, Trevally, Scorpion Fish, Sweat Lips, And a big Jenkins whipray on the back of the boat who usually sleep there.


Level required : Open Water
Depth : 0-35 meters
Situation : South East
On Site Trip : 2 hours

Sail Rock is famous because, it’s probably the best dive site in South East Asia. Corals and marine life are exceptionnal. We organise 1 or 2 trips per week. We can see some massive school of small barracudas, giant baracudas, Giant grouper, Trigger Fish, Fusiliers, BatFish, Giant murray, sometimes whale Sharks. From 8 to 18 meters, there is a chemney who is big enough to go inside.