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SSI is the fastest growing diving organization, with thousands of shops represented in more than 140 countries. SSI represent 40 % of the Koh Tao market.

SSI philosophy is focused on training the best diver, mixing experience and training. The have a wide range of course, and follow pretty much the same international standards than PADI. Nowadays, all their materials are digital, so they can be updated quickly if needed and are translated in many languages. SSI is also giving more flexibility in the organization of the confined and theory sessions so it easier for them to adapt to the real need of the divers and also to develop their own style to train always the best divers.

SSI is also offering courses for Freediving and Tech Diving thru their Extended Range Program.

Every instructor from the recreational diving industry following the RSTC standards can do the SSI Instructor crossover

The basic crossover course last 2 days. It make take more time if you’re coming from an organisation like CMAS where the philosophie is a little bit different, and also if you decide to upgrade to Advanced Open Water Instructor or Divecon Instructor we will have to few more days of training.

You will need at least one or 2 days or prepartion at home, doing some knoledge reviews and getting familiar with the SSI materials before you start the course.

Day 12017-09-22T12:43:30+00:00

Morning :

– Homework correction

– Science of diving check and update

– Presentation of the Open Water and Stress and Rescue programs, explanation of the course organisation (theory, confined and open water)

Afetrnooni :

– history and phylosophy of SSI

– Standards

– Standard Exam

Day 22017-09-22T12:47:06+00:00

Morning :

– Standard Exam correction

– Introduction to the SSI website ( job search, course and student registration, MAP, stats….)

– Presentation about the reactional diving industry and the business of diving worldwide and specially in Lembongan and Indonesia

– Presentation about the diving marketing , the duties of the dive instructor, how to be a good employee and find a job worldwide

Afternoon :

– Confined Water presentatio

– micro teaching presentation

– Final Exam

– Diploma and professional orientation.