Minimum Age:10
Prerequisites to do the course:OPEN WATER
Number of theory classes:Specific briefings
Number of pool sessions:depending on needs
Number of Open Water Dives:5
Maximum depth during training:30 meters
Training length:2 days minimum

You are at least 10 years old, and minimum Junior Open Water or equivalent and you want to learn more about diving and improve your skills, then the Advanced Adventurer is the perfect course for you and the opportunity to discover different fields of diving, and to get the ticket to dive deeper ( 12-14 years old 21 meters, 15+ year old 30 meters).

During the Advanced Adventurer, you’ll be able to go down to 30 meters if you are more than 15 years old, and 21 meters if you are between 12 and 14. The 10-11 years old kids can only go to 12 meters max, but can work on many other things, like Navigation, Buoyancy Control, Computer dive, Wreck, Wave-Tide-Current , Night dive, Underwater Photography, Fish and Coral Identification and many more.

The Advanced Adventurer is the perfect course to have a taste of different specialities, so you can choose the path you wanna take in diving.

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